Understanding the Current and Emerging Threat of Terrorism in East Africa

Report on ICPVTR visit to Kenya, Ethiopia and Somaliland,26 June – 5 July 2012

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Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis

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FARC’s Facade and Other Major Obstacles to a Genuine Peace in Colombia
Franck Emmanuel Marre

Even if a successful peace deal takes place with the FARC, Colombia’s criminal and terrorist landscape would remain complex, violent and tightly intertwined with drug production and trafficking.

The New Indonesian Marxists: A New Jihad in the Making?

Andreas Wimmer

Although the People’s Democratic Party (Partai Rakyat Demokrat/PRD) and affiliated groups have not yet been classified as terrorist groups, their members have been on a trajectory of militancy for some time. The dynamics of interaction between the leftist radical groups and Islamists in Indonesia, also indicate an erosion of specific ideological narratives.

Learning from the Past: Case of the Red Brigades in Italy

Daniela Irrera

A counterterrorism strategy based upon effective law enforcement and intelligence gathering through the establishment of a special counterterrorism unit, and sustained by a broader political will, led to the elimination of the Red Brigades – the study of which is valuable to countries facing similar threats today.